TAPInto Westfield: We Support Linda Habgood

September 28, 2017 at 3:16 PM

tapintologo-2.pngDear Westfield Community,

It is with proud enthusiasm that we support Linda Habgood for the 1st Ward seat on the Westfield Town Council. We have had the privilege of knowing Linda, her husband Gary Zanfagna, their boys Philip and Andrew, and their extended family for the past 12 years. In addition to being a wonderful friend, Linda is a successful finance professional, a community activist and a tireless volunteer. She has consistently applied her professional knowledge, work ethic and good character to fuel her passion for our Westfield community.

We have personal experience with the way Linda immediately steps up to build lasting relationships. Linda and Gary invited us into their home on our very first night in Westfield following a long move-in day. We recognized their hospitality as gracious and welcoming. Three weeks later we attended our Arlington Avenue annual block party that Linda helped organize and valued her ability to integrate our family into our new community. After that it was getting us involved in the Washington School show or some other local fundraiser. That same concept has manifested itself time and time again and we, as Westfield residents, have continued to be the beneficiaries. Linda has an extraordinary ability to build relationships and it is through those relationships that she has created the trust that has generated volunteer efforts from so many others. This is the essence of leadership.

So many of us know and respect Linda, but may not truly know how much time and effort that she has dedicated as a volunteer. It’s worth knowing because it speaks volumes about who Linda is as a passionate and benevolent volunteer and why she will be a successful councilwoman. She co-chaired the Citizen Action Committee that supported the “Centralized Kindergarten Bond.” She was the finance chair for Presbyterian Nursery School and Kindergarten board. She continues to be active in the Westfield Presbyterian Church as a Sunday school teacher, a member of the Youth Commission, an advisor of one middle school mission trip and three high school trips and the head of the Associated Pastor Nominating Committee. She was both a producer and director of the Washington School Show; a member of team in Training Triathlon Team; fundraising chair on WHS PTSO; and a member of the Board of New Jersey Festival Orchestra. These efforts evidence Linda’s ability and willingness to give of herself and her time to make a positive impact on our community that benefits all of us.

It is a rare occasion when you can whole-heartedly support a candidate because you firmly believe in them, their character and ultimately their ability to do what’s best. Linda is that candidate!

Danny and Chrissy McManus

Westfield Residents

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