TapintoWestfield: Dems Tout Historic Primary Results for Westfield Election

tapintologo.pngWestfield residents came out in record numbers, doubling the number of votes cast in the mayoral and council primary elections in 2013. On Tuesday, 4,871 ballots were cast compared with 2,326 in 2013. All nominees for Westfield mayoral and town council candidates ran uncontested within their respective political parties.

“I couldn't be more energized; which is good, because the real work has only just begun,” Shelley Brindle said in a Facebook Post, “I’m here to listen to you first then put in the real work Westfield needs to thrive. All of us won tonight, but we have a long way to go to win on November 7!”

Results for the 2017 primary were the following:

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Shelley Brindle (D): 1,695
Andrew K. Skibitsky, (R): 763

First Ward:
Linda S. Habgood (D): 463
Sam Della Fera (R): 206

Second Ward:
Michael J. Dardia (D): 374
James J. Corcoran (R): 188

Third Ward:
David M. Contract (D): 380
David Oliveira (R):182

Fourth Ward:
Dawn Mackey (D): 440
Keith Loughlin (R): 180

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