Westfield Leader: For Westfield Council Ward 1, I Endorse Linda Habgood

WESTFIELDLEADERLOGO1000PX.pngI am thrilled to endorse Linda Habgood for Westfield Town Council Ward 1.

As someone who has never been politically active, as a result of recent political turmoil I have been shaken and awakened. And while, like many, I may never become “politically active,” I know that there are some very basic and necessary things we all can do to make our voices heard so that the very best elected officials are representing us and this starts on the community level. Two of those things are: get to know the candidates and vote. This may sound rudimentary, but it’s alarming to learn how many people vote for candidates they know little about and more alarming how many people don’t vote.

So I was thrilled to hear Linda Habgood is running for Westfield Town Council in Ward 1. Apart from knowing Linda personally, and that she is an intelligent and successful businesswoman, an amazing mother of two wonderful sons, a tireless volunteer of organizations near and dear to her heart, I have learned even more about her vision for Town Council. She is determined to use her business savvy, tenacity and compassion to build on Westfield’s strengths while tackling its issues, and I know she can do it.

One of Linda’s goals is to “engage all our citizens” by tapping into the wealth of skills, expertise and creativity Westfielders are known to have and to “build a culture of collaboration based on what you know, rather than who you know.” This is important to keep in mind especially when you consider that today our local Westfield government is 100 percent Republican and 89 percent male. Yet that doesn’t come close to represent our constituent base of 31 percent Democrats, 43 percent Independent and 53 percent women. It’s time for our local government to represent more of us.

I urge you to get to know Linda Habgood. Her strong leadership, innovative problem solving and passion for Westfield is exactly the combination our town needs.

Eva Natiello


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